Thursday, July 18, 2002

My great grandmother was a full blooded Mohawk woman of fair type complextion. She got caught behind enemy lines in the eighteen hundreds married to my great grandfather, a disenfranchised dark welshman, in the woods of New York near Herkimer. When she had my grandfather, her brother came down from a pocket in the Adirondacks and kidnapped my grandfather, intent on raising him in the Mohawk way. My great grandfather was a kind and loving man who's parents had faced discrimination in conquered Wales by the English and were "relocated" across the Atlantic. He married my great grandmother and so he felt responsible for my grandfather's well being as any father would. Jake was his name.

Jake walked up to the place where my great grandmother's brother was living, and very nicely convinced him that since my grandfather and great grandmother were of fairer skin, that the child would be better served raised as white. It was a time within a couple of years of the Wounded Knee Massacre and to be American Indian in this country was even more threatened than it is today.
My great grandmother's brother decided that his sister should raise the child.

When I was growing up, my grandfather kept contact with the other parts of our family. My grandfather married an Irish woman from Utica. They birthed my mother. When my mother first got married, on her wedding night, the first night of her honeymoon, her husband who was in the Navy attached to a merchant vessel, was called up for immediate shipping out to England during WWII. He died on that trip.

A couple of years later Mom met my father. My father was a pilot of a B-24 during WWII and flew over the Islands of the Pacific. He had Three Distinguished Flying Crosses and Five Air Metals on his chest when he met my mother. My father's family story goes back to the Saratoga blockhouse battle during the Revolutionary War on one side and refugees from the Irish Famine on the other.

Hench I say that you couldn't find a family more harassed and beaten upon than ours, though there are plenty of such stories in America like my heritage. The treatment of the American Indians has been horrendous. The treatment of the Black slaves has been horrendous. Many many groups of new imigrants have faced brutality and discrimination. Yet here we all are.

If you are someone outside this country trying to figure out how to defeat America, you are going to have to try to figure out a way to beat down the kind of tough people we are. I don't agree with much of the program our current administration is working, and I don't agree with the way some of them have been doing business under the protection of their crony ways, but one thing is for sure for this woman, they are Americans and due the same rights as I am.

In America we have our problems. Centuries ago, at the same time the English were killing Pequot and Pagan alike, issues were being formed in conjunction with all parties. My Mohawk Five Nations ancestors donated valuable thought embodied into our Constitution. Today we allow Christian, Moslem, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, Pagan, Native Americans, and just about any form of religious or Spiritual program a fairly good respect and freedom. I just spent the weekend in a beautiful field doing an all night prayer vigil for peace and healing without anyone harrassing me or the group.

So this is what I mean when I say how to defeat America; you can't. You cannot kill the Spirit of us who have been forged in the fires of hell and have emerged standing and defiant. You of the world who would attack innocent working people as had been done last September 11, '01, you are powerless to defeat the Spirit of the forged. We don't need a Homeland Security to stand fast against you. We are Homeland Secure. You may feel you are crafty, but just you wait until you meet a Mohawk-American steel walker, or an Irish-American truckdriver, or an Italian-American Pizza shop owner who think you are up to no good. Fear for your life, you are weak compared to the Pakistani-American who just learned his citizenship. You cannot stand before the American people very long. We are the toughest of the world, from China to Japan and back again. From the Inuit to Tierra Del Fuego and back again. We are Americans forged in the fires of hell, get thee from us Satan.

That is all I have to say. I named and posted this blog to say this. My advise to you Al Queda sons, and others of your persuasions, if you get caught behind enemy lines, you better make love not war, because we'll just mix your blood into the blood of our land dead or alive.

Blessings of ten thousand graces be upon you all my relations!